Come Visit The Beautiful Saint Denis

October 17th 2023 in Travel
Come Visit The Beautiful Saint Denis

Come Visit The Beautiful Saint-Denis

In the northern part of the Reunion Island, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the different religions coexist peacefully in a very open-minded town. Saint-Denis de La Réunion is a place that promotes religious tolerance and diversity. You can find two Chinese temples (Temple de la Traversée Heureuse and Temple de la Prospérité Eternelle), the Kalikampal Tamil Temple, and the Masdid Noor-e-Islam Great Mosque on the same street. You can also visit Saint-Sauveur Cathedral to learn about the faith of Reunion Island. It is the perfect place to experience and appreciate the cultural and religious diversity of the island.

It is impossible to be bored in Saint-Denis de La Réunion with its abundant sports and leisure activities, catering to individuals of all paces.

Take a relaxing break and enjoy the serene atmosphere! Stroll along the Barachois, the seafront in Saint-Denis, and breathe in the soothing ocean vibes. A long footpath offers an enjoyable and calming experience for those who prefer a leisurely walk. The area also features children's play areas and food trucks providing delicious treats like "pain bouchon" sandwiches, samosas, and "dodo" beer. It's the little things in life that make it worth living.

Are you up for a leisurely walk? You can visit the Parc de la Trinité in Saint-Denis, adjacent to the Champ-Fleuri sports centre. The park offers a spacious area where families can spend quality time and explore the children's play areas or hike up the hill. The stunning view from the top of the hill is a favourite spot for joggers to catch their breath and enjoy the panoramic view of the capital. You can also take a short trip to Aquanor water park, perfect for a fun-filled family day out.

Improve your golf skills by practising swing at the Colorado Golf Course in Saint-Denis. This mountain golf course offers a stunning view of the sea and comprises nine holes, extending up to 4,792 metres in length and 68 metres in width. The narrow and technical course requires accuracy, skill, and perseverance. The golf course offers spectacular panoramic views, especially from the third hole, which provides a 180° view of the Indian Ocean.

Are you feeling stressed out? Why not unwind and relax in the beautiful village of Brûlé in the Saint-Denis highlands? At the Spa Liza Case Zen, you can enjoy a shiatsu head massage and sip green tea surrounded by nature. Alternatively, you can visit the Vallée Heureuse and take a two-hour tour of the Creole garden, personally guided by the owner. Either way, a calming and rejuvenating experience awaits you!

Saint-Denis de La Réunion is a great starting point for hiking adventures. Popular trails include Sentier de la Providence, Chemin des Anglais, Pic Adam, Roche Ecrite, Cascade Maniquet, and Parc du Colorado.

For comfortable lodging, choose from various accommodations, including guesthouses and four-star hotels.